Profiler Plus Flex

Network Profiling & Long-Term Application Performance Measurement in your Virtual Environment

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With organizations increasingly virtualizing their IT infrastructure, they need to understand network impact on their applications and vice versa, without using external hardware appliances.  This implies a need for full network profiling in the virtualized world and our Profiler Plus Flex solution addresses that requirement.

Profiler Plus Flex delivers affordable, yet  comprehensive Network Performance Measurement (NPM) and true Network Application Performance Measurement (NAPM) through an elegant widget-based GUI*.

With the ability to easily set up alerts, network managers and support teams can always be a step ahead of end-users when application performance falls below specified thresholds.

Additionally, Profiler Plus' network metrics can also be used together with iTrinegy’s INE Flex Enterprise to recreate test networks based on your real-world experiences in the virtual world

Key Deliverables

  • Understand what’s happening on your network - Discover, measure and benchmark how network resources are being utilized by users, applications and servers
  • Be Proactive - Receive alerts on critical Network Utilization, Application Performance and End-User Experience issues.
  • Save Money - Understand who and what are consuming your network resources. Identify critical issues and improve operational performance
  • Plan & Predict - Understand current dependencies and network utilizations and have the information necessary to manage change effectively and efficiently
  • Usability - Highly intuitive and flexible widget-based GUI with user definable dashboards, graphs, tables and data trees
  • Deliver an Enterprise-Wide Solution - Link appliances, share dashboards and deliver enterprise-wide collaborative operational intelligence.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring - Compare analytics, with no loss of granularity, over minutes, hours, days or even months.
  • Enhance Application Performance Testing - Generate network profiles that can be “played back” on iTrinegy Network Emulators.


  • No agents required
  • Passive, out of band, with no overhead on the network infrastructure
  • Rapid Installation (less than 15 minutes) connected via mirrored switch port or tap
  • No setup reporting configuration required

The Profiler Plus Range comprises:

  • Profiler Plus Flex Model 2: 2 x 1Gbps (max 2000 devices) Profiler Ports (Virtual Appliance)
  • Profiler Plus Model 2: 2 x 1Gbps (max 2000 devices) Profiler Ports (Hardware Appliance)
  • Profiler Plus Model 4: 4 x 1Gbps (max 4000 devices) Profiler Ports (Hardware Appliance)

1U Full Depth Hardware Appliance
Or VMWare Virtual Appliance.

Please see the Profiler Plus Product Sheet for more information.

 * Compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Apple Mac, Linux, Windows XP - Windows 10




U.S. 1-888-448-4366
UK. +44 (0)1799 252 200